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Welcome to Educational Medical Services
a company where our motto is "Taught by professionals for professionals."

Tired of boring instructors that have lots of letters behind their name but couldn't teach a rock to sink? Or class schedules that force you to conform to it's time requirements?

We at Educational Medical Services provide only highly talented, competent "student oriented" instructors that don't fit the stereotype of "those that can't do - teach." Instead, our instructors are experienced providers that have been doing what they are teaching for years.

We set the class schedule to your schedule. We will come to your department or agency and teach on shift or off, on the days and times that you dictate. Or you can sign up for a class at our training site that is scheduled when the need is presented. No matter which way you choose, come to us or we come to you, you'll get the highest level of real life training that meets or exceeds your needs but never overwhelms the student.


Help For Heroes and Educational Medical Services
A Haley/Haley Co.
11270 SW 110th Ave.*Dunnellon, FL 34432-5533
For more information, email us or call (352) 489-7909

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